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When you try to overcome legal issues involving criminal defense, family law or municipal law problems, an attorney is vital to your success. Without the guidance of an experienced attorney, you risk making mistakes that can considerably worsen your situation. When the outcome of legal matters can impact your whole future, be sure you have an attorney you can trust at your side.

At Theurer Law, you can rely on attorney Kathleen M. Theurer’s over 15 years of experience in fighting to protect her clients’ best interests. Attorney Theurer treats her clients with the respect they deserve, and she does not give up on them. Her commitment to her clients makes her an invaluable asset in any legal issue. You can learn more about Kathleen Theurer’s experience here:

A History Of Success

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a bachelor’s degree in behavioral science and law, Kathleen M. Theurer went on to earn her Juris Doctor from Rutgers School of Law–Newark. She continued her pursuit to help her community by working as an associate at the Willis & Young Law Firm in New Jersey. Attorney Theurer started her career of helping clients defend themselves against criminal charges.

Starting in 2005, attorney Theurer was associated with the Law Office Of Paul Condon, and she helped form Condon & Theurer law firm in 2014. She went on to form Theurer Law in 2018. Kathleen M. Theurer has also been a member of the Criminal Justice Act panel of attorneys for the district of New Jersey since 2006, where she represents indigent federal defendants in Federal District Court. Read about cases that made media headlines by clicking here.

Rely On Experience To Guide You

If you are looking for an attorney to help you through the legal challenges that lay ahead of you, look no further than Kathleen M. Theurer. Take some time today to schedule your initial consultation with her by calling 551-222-0652 or by emailing Kathleen to see for yourself how committed she is to your cause.