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What leads to embezzlement charges?

On Behalf of | May 24, 2021 | White Collar Crimes |

Maybe you saw the signs that trouble was coming, or may your employer’s allegations that you’ve been embezzling from company funds shocked you. Either way, you’re now facing charges — and you know the situation is serious.

What leads an employer to allege financial improprieties occurred? What motivates police investigators to refer a case over to prosecutors? You might find that the responses to these two questions aid you in crafting a defense strategy to combat embezzlement charges in your case. 

How do employers discover that potential impropriety occurred?

Many employers regularly review their financial records to see how their company is doing. If they don’t, then their accountant will likely do so when preparing their books at the end of each quarter or year. Customers may also check their statements and notice that something is awry. Any party who notices these inconsistencies in their bookkeeping may decide to investigate the situation further.  

A financial audit that reveals potential issues may warrant an employer or customer getting the police involved in conducting their own investigation into whether financial impropriety occurred. Someone may be facing embezzlement charges if they have reason to believe that it did.

What you need to remember if you’re facing embezzlement charges

Every instance in which the numbers might not add up doesn’t constitute embezzlement. There may be a plausible explanation for how you balanced the books or what happened with funds. 

It’s critical for you to comb through the discovery and indictment in your case to see what evidence of impropriety prosecutors have amassed and what their allegations are. An attorney can review that information. They can then go over the elements that comprise a strong defense strategy so that you can decide how to best build one when you’re facing serious white-collar criminal charges such as embezzlement.