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Is recreational marijuana legal in New Jersey? 

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2021 | Drug Charges |

New York recently made headlines by deciding to legalize marijuana. It is one in a long line of states that have done so, following the lead of states like Colorado and Washington, which were among the first. It seems like this legal change is slowly sweeping its way across the country, bringing in massive amounts of tax money for the states. 

But what about New Jersey? Can you have or buy recreational marijuana here? 

Voters made their decision known about marijuana legalization

Yes, recreational marijuana is legal in New Jersey as of this year. And it was all because of the voters. 

The first attempt at legality was through the legislative branch, but it didn’t pass. As a counter, the legality was turned into a ballot question for voters. They offered overwhelming support and paved the way for new laws that are similar to those in other states. 

The big question is how everything will be set up and how the system will run. There needs to be a process for legal dispensaries to open and carry the products, as well as a way to tax them. People need to understand how the remaining regulations will work. How much can they buy? Is there anything they’re not allowed to do — i.e., driving a car? What will the taxes look like? 

Fortunately, all of this has already been ironed out in numerous other states. That’s not to say everything will be exactly the same, but there are solutions. 

You could still face criminal charges related to marijuana

Even legality doesn’t mean you’ll never face charges. Impaired driving is still illegal, as are unapproved sales of the drug. You must know your defense options If you’re arrested for a marijuana-related crime. Protect your rights by talking to an experienced advocate.