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Can you share racy videos or pictures of your ex for revenge?

| Sep 15, 2021 | Sex Offenses |

When you have an intimate relationship with someone, you see a side of them that they may not share with many other people. In recent years, it has become incredibly common for people to send racy photographs of themselves or even to make sexually explicit videos with their intimate partners. Those videos and images can feel like a form of ammunition you could use against an ex after a breakup. 

Whether your ex made a video with you or sent you naked selfies, you may think you can do what you want with them because they belong to you. You might think about sharing them on social media, sending them to your ex’s parents or using them to hurt their career. 

However, sharing them online is actually a major violation of the law in New Jersey.

Non-consensual sharing of explicit or nude images is a crime

Just because someone shares those vulnerable moments with you does not mean that you have the right to share them with others or distribute them online. Without the explicit consent of the other person involved, sharing or disseminating explicit or nude images or videos could lead to criminal charges under New Jersey’s revenge porn law

When your partner agrees to let you make a video of your time together, they likely do so with the expectation that you will only keep that video for personal use. The same is true of images that they send you via email or social media. Sharing without permission could lead to criminal charges if your ex finds out what you did. 

Understanding how simple upload or email could lead to sex crime allegations can help you avoid criminal charges.