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3 ways prescription medication can lead to drug charges

| Oct 8, 2021 | Drug Charges |

People in New Jersey take various prescription medications for a wide range of medical conditions. For all the benefits that they offer, prescription medications or controlled substances also come with many risks. 

Many of them are easy for people to misuse, and some of them can cause physical addiction. New Jersey has laws regulating the use and distribution of controlled substances to help protect the public. There are many ways that people could run afoul of these laws, including the three common mistakes below.

Driving after consuming a mind-altering drug

Medications ranging from anti-anxiety drugs to pain medication can affect how safely you can drive. Any drug that affects your motor control or cognitive function is illegal to consume before you drive. Even if you have a prescription, police officers might arrest you if they discover you under the influence at the wheel.

Possessing medication originally owned by someone else

Your spouse had leftover medication after their recent surgery, so you decided to help yourself with those excess pills. After all, your insurance paid for that medicine. Unfortunately, if the police catch you with someone else’s medication, they won’t care why you have it. They will likely just arrest you unless you can show that you just picked up someone’s unopened medication from the pharmacist.

Selling or giving your medication to another person

It isn’t just illegal to possess someone else’s medication. The act of transferring a drug to someone else is also prohibited under state law. If you get caught in the act or the other person gets arrested while in possession of your medication, you could very easily find yourself facing criminal charges as a result. 

Recognizing the ways that a prescription drug could lead to serious drug charges can help you make better decisions for your own safety.