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A Committed Defense Against Your Criminal Charges

Felony charges may result in penalties including fines, jail time or even community service, but there is more to it than just that. Some convictions can result in you having difficulties obtaining a loan, qualifying for a job, maintaining legal immigration status and even remaining in the United States. When the consequences of a criminal conviction can haunt you for life, do everything in your power to defend yourself from them.

Here at Theurer Law, attorney Kathleen M. Theurer has represented individuals facing criminal charges for more than 15 years. While she represents her clients, she is sure to provide them with the respect they deserve and their commitment to overcome their legal difficulties. Her experience can quickly become your benefit in your criminal defense case.

When Experience Becomes An Advantage

Kathleen M. Theurer has considerable experience representing those facing the state, federal and even municipal courts. Her entire career is dedicated to representing those who need her help, as she guides them based on her vast knowledge and understanding of criminal law.

Throughout New Jersey, Kathleen M. Theurer has acted as attorney for hundreds of defendants. While the outcome of your case depends on the facts of your circumstances, she has successfully obtained “not guilty” verdicts, reduced penalties, and alternative sentencing for her clients facing charges in state and federal courts in cases involving:

  • Aggravated assault
  • Drug violations
  • Robbery, theft
  • Homicide
  • Arson
  • White collar crimes
  • Weapons offenses

When law enforcement begins overstepping their legal boundaries, Kathleen Theurer knows how to hold them accountable for their actions. Attorney Theurer’s history of success proves her comprehensive knowledge of the law and her dedication to securing the best possible outcome for her clients.

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